Carl (1/2)

My best friend’s name is Carl. He lives the next driveway over, which ends up being about a twenty minute walk. We became friends really young, mainly due to proximity, and stayed friends in large part for the same reason.  

Carl wants to be a writer. He fills moleskins but never lets me read it. He sleeps over most nights – his parents have a hard time so my parents like him to stay with us – and will occasionally tell me what he’s been writing recently.  

It’s very clear to me that he is gay and spends a ton of his time writing trying to figure out ways to tell me/his family/out schoolmates that. He suggested I keep this blog, so I’m writing in it every day – boring nonsense like “what is my house like” and “who’s my sister” and I sent him a link to it. I am hoping that by reading this, he will see that he can tell me who he really is without me judging or shunning him.  

I have no problem, whatsoever, with homosexuals, their behaviors, or having one stay over in my house. Sex is a foreign concept to me so whether with members of the opposite gender or your own, I’m more impressed that anyone’s actually doing it. If he’s not doing it yet but knows that when he does it will be with men, I want to help explore that and support the journey.  

So come on, man. Let’s have the conversation!