Carl (2/2)

Hey that blog worked! Carl came over that evening. We cooked dinner, ate, watched some TV and then went up to my room to go to sleep. I have a trundle bed in my room, I sleep on the main bed and when Carl needs a spot, we wheel out the bottom bed. My mom got sick of inflating the air mattress four nights a week when we were in second grade and the bed appeared.  

While we were brushing our teeth in the bathroom, he said “Hey thanks man.” 

I knew what he was thanking me for, and I knew that was step 1 of his “coming out.” I said, “You’re welcome” and we carried on with our getting-ready-going-to-bed routine. That was two weeks ago and things between us have felt heavier but easier, like we understand something in one another that we’d never acknowledge and doing do brought us closer together.  

Maybe he’d put off college for a year too and we can travel together?