I know I’m supposed to want to go to college, that everything I do in high school is supposed to lead me down the right path to a Bachelors Degree and beyond that I will use to jumpstart a rich and rewarding career in [BLANK] doing [BLANK].  

I’m just not into it. Every “adult” I know still complains about their student loans. I don’t know any adults who actually do in their adult life what they went to college right out of high school to study. And college just looks gross and unproductive in every movie or TV show that features college students. 

I’d much rather finish high school and work for a year while saving money. Then, use that money to travel for a year, focusing on deciding what I want to do with my life. Then, I’ll enroll in a course of education that fits this decision. At this juncture, I’m leaning towards chef. I like to eat!