Home Life

My home life is fine. I have no family trauma to work through, my parents are good, my sister is annoying but good, my house is warm and we have drinkable water coming out of the taps. I understand how “good I have it.” And yet I see areas where it could be better.  

My mom is a Nurse Practitioner in town and actively works to make our citizens healthier and our town better. She is an on-call school nurse for when our elderly “nurse” is out. She does this for free simply because she believes that children have special healthcare needs.  

My dad is a fireman and most of his time seems to be dedicated to doing wellness checks and teaching courses at school and community centers on fire safety. Together, my parents are a bad-ass single unit of aggressive love and care.  

And my sister is two years younger than me. She is much earthier than I – putting her crystals out to charge under the full moon, bathing in Apple Cider Vinegar, telling anyone who will listen how offended she is by the idea of women shaving their armpits, and writing songs for a punk rock band she’s in called DIVA CUP.