Carl (1/2)

My best friend’s name is Carl. He lives the next driveway over, which ends up being about a twenty minute walk. We became friends really young, mainly due to proximity, and stayed friends in large part for the same reason.   Carl wants to be a writer. He fills moleskins but never lets me read it. … Read moreCarl (1/2)


When we were kids, my sister and I watched a ton of Court TV. I’m not sure why, but Judge Judy was like always on. I watched it for the wacky characters. But I think Megan watched it for the courtroom drama of it all. She went on to watch all of the courtroom dramas, … Read moreMegan


I know I’m supposed to want to go to college, that everything I do in high school is supposed to lead me down the right path to a Bachelors Degree and beyond that I will use to jumpstart a rich and rewarding career in [BLANK] doing [BLANK].   I’m just not into it. Every “adult” I know still … Read moreCollege

My House

My bedroom has four bedrooms upstairs. I have one. My sister has one. We share a bathroom. My parents have the master suite. And one bedroom is the office/lounge. I spend about an hour in there every evening doing homework. I don’t want to pollute my bedroom with school stuff.   The downstairs has a kitchen … Read moreMy House

High School

What’s high school like? It’s like, wearing clothes that suck to a building that’s falling apart with a bunch of kids with shitty parents, trying to understand complex issues as explained by teachers who barely make minimum wage, storing my shit in a steel box to which my wardens have the keys anyway, with nobody … Read moreHigh School